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“Layers” a talk with Thibo Tazz

Flash-forward the illustrious return of our renowned Rooftop of Dreams this Saturday, we had a chat with Thibo Tazz who will join our lineup of local heroes. Thibo draws his inspirations through past/current ideas/sounds that contribute heavily into the music he plays, produces and listen to. Which is why he does not have one signature sound or style of playing and making music…

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A Talk With Riccardo Benigno + Featured Release

Ric B believes that human beings are connected to the earth in a way that we don’t know, in “a way we cannot dream possible”; he feels music brings us closer together to each other and ultimately the universe. We wanted to find out more of his picturesque outlook… read on ; ; ;

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An escape from day-to-day life with Cassiem Latief

WE HOUSE SUNDAYS – A Bi-Monthly event taking place at a hidden warehouse every second Sunday. It’s a collaborative event which looks to showcase a truly South African way of celebration; fusing a love for food, music and dance amongst friends… We went for a skate around town with WE HOUSE SUNDAY resident Cassiem Latief –

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‘A nomad returns’ – talk + new mixtape by Dodge

Clinton Dodge represents a blazing track in the world of house and is often in due with Dix as one cultivated Diggin4dodge. We went wave watching with the mover and shaker and found out a little more about his secret love for hip-hop, things that are fresh and later plans for 2015… Read on…

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B L O C K P A R T Y – Industrial Love Ep.4


In the celebration of love and music, Nomadiq Music Pres. The 4th Episode of our outdoor warehouse party series. This time around we have some special guests and friends in the house, some of which you might already know or be familiar with…

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A talk with Cassiem Latief aka Soul Crescent

WE HOUSE SUNDAYS – A Bi-Monthly event taking place every second Sunday, starting 1st Feb. It’s a collaborative event which looks to showcase a truly South African way of celebration; fusing our love for food, music and dance amongst friends… We’re alive with excitement over the response thus far- so we had a chat and went for a skate with WE HOUSE SUNDAY resident Cassiem Latief – about some of his first gigs, the front row of an audience and what this new collaboration means…

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WE HOUSE SUNDAYS – Launching Sunday 1st Feb

Soul Revolution & Nomadiq Music Pres:
WE HOUSE SUNDAYS – A Bi-Monthly event taking place every second Sunday, starting 1st Feb. We House Sundays is a collaborative event which looks to showcase a truly South African way of celebration, fusing our love for Food, Music and Dance amongst friends.

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Industrial Love – Welcome to the underground – BLOCKPARTY – Review

Cape Town’s Techno and House scene is evolving rapidly. I’m left awestruck by radiant recollections of a full night which became a unification of dance culture. It was the third edition of Nomadiq’s B L O C K P A R T Y series. The happening took place at a warehouse tucked away inside Cape Town’s modern industrial strip, offering a healthy sense of deviance and removal from the regular.

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The scribbles of WHISPER –

Introducing The scribbles of WHISPER- a newly manifested trio, whose sound could be compared to floating across dreamily formed clouds of appetising fruit which should be kissed naked. We had a chat with the invigorating experimentalist about reconnecting with nature and preparations which went in this first release. Read on ~

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Return of Daniel Trickski – BLOCKPARTY Pres. By Nomadiq Music @ ColorBox

Next Saturday we’re heading out back to our industrial playground for another day/night outdoor/indoor, old school BLOCKPARTY! Featuring an all star cast of underground house heroes + many surprises (with a massive art installation). In anticipation of his return we had a chat with Daniel Trickski who will headline the astral gathering…

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Back to the Sand – A talk with Jason Malan

We’re throwing a huge late night christmas celebration for all of our extended family, promoters, DJs, industry peoples & friends. A gesture of love to the people who make our parties. Introducing our special guest for the night: Dutch DJ/Producer Jason Malan, who is known for bringing his expressively rich house-disco optimism. // We had a chat with the nomadic traveller about his tastes of nu-disco, Hare Krishna and allowing change by unbecoming things.

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Lola Returns – Exclusive Pirate Ship Experience

“Dreams are the window to our future. Our imagination is key to the creation. The music is the emotion of our soul.”

On Sunday the 15th of December Lola Returns… This time she is taking it to the seas. Join us for exclusive Pirate Ship Experience. As we embark and on a mystical journey through treacherous waters graced by some of Cape Towns finest local electronic music selectors.

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Full Line-Up & Info Released – BLOCKPARTY

In celebration of our 4th Birthday Celebration. We have decided to plan an old-school BLOCKPARTY Style event. Taking it back to the back yards & parking-lots… We head to the borders of Cape Town’s Industrial zone, to raw & rustic warehouse space.

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